xReach.connect connects all the xReach modules via a preconfigured interface

As the central element that connects all xReach modules, xReach.connect assumes the role of a solution based on middleware and on the programming interface API. The event-driven application can be used to edit data. Because of its asynchronous nature, the application never blocks to ensure that data is transferred among different interfaces, applications and modules in the xReach environment. xReach.connect‘s main task is to simplify the synchronization of data and, thus, business processes. xReach.connect is a cloud-first application based on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

Straightforward transfer of data

Because of the prevalent REST cloud use, many modern web services are developed using APIs to make services available to each other. Hitachi Solutions has employed this method for the retail platform xReach. It facilitates the delivery of data packages from publishers such as Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, which includes analytics tools as well as supply chain and personnel management modules, to the diverse xReach modules without delay. Hence, the Connect Core API secures the fast bidirectional transfer of data among the individual xReach modules via one single interface and among the xReach modules and their system environment via connectors.

Key functions

  • Dovetailing of all the xReach modules
  • Easy synchronization of data
  • Dynamic mapping for on-demand synchronization
  • Seamless integration into existing system environments
  • Redundancy-free data without extra effort
  • No lengthy lead times
  • No interface chaos
  • Use of publisher/subscriber patterns
  • No end-to-end interfaces
  • Event-driven and asynchronous
  • Highly secure transmission thanks to SSL-encoded data
  • Integrated Microsoft Azure-based monitoring

All the connectors at a glance

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Rest API client
  • PIM
  • POS
  • Online shop

Michael Ferschl, Managing Director

„xReach.connect is the core that connects all the xReach modules via a preconfigured interface. It allows companies to implement xReach.intranet, for example, quickly and easily and, if required, to extend it to include analytics, CRM or other components without lengthy lead times or interface chaos.“


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