ERP, a prodigy with many benefits

It is hardly surprising that modern businesses no longer function without Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: They facilitate the targeted use and the control of corporate resources including staff members, funds and materials and help optimize processes and workflows.

One integrated solution

In one single program, ERP systems reconcile all data which used to be spread over several software systems, thus reducing the steps required to collect data to a minimum. Module interfaces, transmission errors, redundancies and inconsistencies no longer are of any concern.

Transparency and visibility

Because all information is entered into one higher-level system, comprehensive data can be retrieved at any given time across departments and sites. This overarching overview makes collaboration and exchange among business divisions easier and enables corporate management to respond to changing requirements promptly thanks to a reliable, easy-to-analyze database. Increased flexibility reduces the time required for implementing customers’ requests.

Less time, less money

Because data needs to be entered into the system only once and complex coordination and searches become obsolete, ERP systems automatically save time and, thus, money. Processes run effectively and in an automated manner based on rationalized standards so that staff members can concentrate fully on their actual assignments. In addition, ERP systems help optimize resources which results in reduced staff and warehousing costs and increased productivity.

Optimal process control

ERP systems adhere to applicable regulations regarding procedure documentation and compliance. Document management and other administrative processes become simpler and standardized, lead times and staff members’ workloads are reduced.

Enhanced collaboration

Information can flow seamlessly among departments and sites. Document and project management systems, access rules and version management facilitate collaboration among colleagues.

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