Managing returns, mapping collections and facilitating the customer journey

ERP systems for the fashion industry must offer specific functions

Retailers in the fashion industry face diverse special challenges: Customers not only want to look at products, they also want to try them on – even when shopping online. Items purchased in a web shop are returned if they are not liked or do not fit. Other industry-specific characteristics include the large number of collections introduced every year and the fact that items must be available in diverse sizes, colors and designs. This makes it difficult for suppliers to ensure merchandise is available and inventory is updated continuously. In addition, to make the customer journey as attractive as possible retailers are compelled to present their offerings at all the touch points and intertwine their sales channels closely. Comprehensive support for these processes is provided by ERP systems optimized with special functions to meet the industry’s requirements.

Managing returns efficiently

Customers tend to order garments in more than one size or purchase items at the retail store without trying them on. This results in the fashion industry’s high return rates. The right ERP system enables retailers to reimburse partial amounts to the customer’s account without the red tape and to allocate returns to their inventory quickly for optimal returns management.

Mapping different collections, sizes and colors

Based on a dedicated matrix, ERP systems tailored to the fashion industry can display the different collections and the availability of garments by sizes or models in a structured manner. This enables retailers to keep control of their inventories at all times and deliver orders quickly or adjust production to demand.

Facilitating a cross-channel customer journey

Many retailers offer garments on sales floors, in online shops and by catalog. In the ERP system, these sales channels must be linked perfectly to facilitate seamless and coordinated shopping experiences in all the channels. Click & Collect, Instore Return and other features allow them to switch flexibly among channels. In turn, retailers benefit from the opportunity to implement discount campaigns without any media disruptions and to synchronize their campaigns across sales channels.

In combination, implexis’ intertwined software modules – xReach.omnichannel and xReach.pim – meet the fashion industry’s specific requirements. Please click here for more information.


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