Mastering the challenges of the marketing evolution

The digital transformation brings about new means and ways for companies to reach their customers. This also is changing the way customers use media which, in turn, is driving developments as much as the technological transformation itself. More and more new formats released in increasingly shorter cycles require marketing and sales to be extremely flexible. High-performance IT solutions such as the software modules xReach.crm and help you not to lose sight of the whole picture among the muddle of print, digital and social media and to address each customer in a targeted manner using an intelligent media mix.


  • Keeping track of your return on investment at all times:

Thanks to central dashboards that link information originating in multiple sources you can keep track of important KPIs and measure the effectiveness of your activities directly. This allows you to make complex business workflows more transparent and provides you with the information you need to make sound campaign management decisions.

  • Leveraging the 360° view of your customers: and xReach.crm connect your data with social media activities and information on customers, contacts and marketing campaigns so that you have a comprehensive impression of your customers and facilitate communication between your marketing and sales teams. You can respond to the needs of markets and customers in a targeted manner and be even closer to your customers.

  • Supplying your target groups with personalized content:

Automate your marketing processes by enhancing them with information on user profiles and user behavior using xReach.crm. Provide every customer with relevant content at all times through their preferred channels while conveying your brand message to your target groups in an optimal manner.

  • Looking out for consistent data management:

Integrate and xReach.crm into your Dynamics 365 environment and make it easy for yourself and your colleagues to work with the same consistent database across solutions, departments and locations. Every staff member will have the same level of information at any given time.

  • Protecting personal data:

Our solution protects your data in accordance with the highest security standards and the provisions of the GDPR. With us, you are on the safe side and can focus on your core business – satisfying your customers.

xReach.crm and are elements of the modular software platform xReach. Users can compile the individual modules – ERP, a web shop or an analysis platform – as needed and connect them seamlessly via preconfigured interfaces. In this way, xReach provides retail companies with the support they need to master the challenges of digitization.


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