Thomas Philipps launches real-time analysis of his Facebook pages

Social media are becoming increasingly important assets for the retail industry as customers base decisions on online reviews and discussions. In this process, every contact counts. Thomas Philipps, supplier of stock lots and special items, had come to realize that failing to respond to inquiries quickly, pick up on sentiments or react to comments can have severe consequences. Thomas Philipps joined Facebook in October 2017 with a total of 260 pages for the company and all its franchises, providing more than 30,000 subscribers with information on discounts, sweepstakes and company news. In cooperation with testroom, a Hamburg-based agency, digitalization specialist implexis launched the Facebook pages and evaluates them using Microsoft Social Engagement to provide Thomas Philipps with essential data for its marketing, sales and customer service staff.

“Our Facebook activities which include dedicated pages for our 260 franchises and the company in general are important steps in our local marketing,” says Mirco Günther, project manager at Thomas Philipps. “Our customers have the opportunity to contact us directly and obtain information on stores, special campaigns and sales. We have enhanced our customer service and are offering more shopping incentives for our target group. implexis has been the ideal partner – from the seamless go-live of the pages to reliable tracking of usage and activities.”

All interaction at a glance

implexis uses Office 365‘s Microsoft Social Engagement to analyze page usage and user interaction. The cloud-based social monitoring and listening solution facilitates real-time analysis in social media such as Facebook and Twitter, in blogs and on news pages. Ralf Bußmann, who manages the project at implexis, explains how the tool works: “Sales, marketing and customer service staff are provided with relevant information, including sentiments and engagement rates, in clearly-structured charts. This way, Thomas Philipps has a better understanding of customers‘ perspectives, can communicate with customers and quantify its brand’s image and – based on the findings – retain customers and attract prospects more effectively.”

Dedicated omni-channel retailing for enhanced customer convenience

Analyzing social media content is part of implexis‘ comprehensive offerings for the omni-channel business. The digitalization expert also will support Thomas Philipps with other smart solutions from its vast portfolio to connect the company’s sales channels more efficiently. For example, implexis will map the Purchase to Pay end-to-end process using diverse modules of xReach. The modules of this flexible software platform can be used to map and connect all the systems – ERP, CRM or Analytics. Over the next few months, implexis will introduce Thomas Philipps to xReach.ecommerce, a high-performance online shop, and to xReach.connect that will connect the software modules. The result will be a consistent IT landscape that will enable Thomas Philipps to precisely analyze and effectively control all its business processes to optimize workflows and customers’ shopping experiences continuously.


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