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Keep track of all your processes with one click – make optimal use of your flood of data

Sales figures for your online shop and all your franchises, business trends, social media engagement – companies never had more information at their disposal than in this time of big data. To gain valuable insights from this data, it must be collected and analyzed systematically. The software module stores and consolidates data from diverse sources on one uniform platform.

It uses standard interfaces to connect relational database systems, active directories, and other tools. With continuous expansion, your data pool will evolve into your in-house knowledge database that you can analyze using integrated analytics and reporting tools.

Sound decisions based on predictive analytics

Know today what the trends will be tomorrow: Prognostic models help take your analyses of current data to the next level and forecast developments. Identify trends, risks and opportunities early and coordinate your measures to meet future requirements.


Company information provided in real time


… the data of all your franchises could be uploaded into a real-time dashboard using stream analytics and updated continuously with Power BI. With you stay informed of all processes and developments and can respond to changes immediately.


Breakfast figures and early-bird analytics

Imagine …

… you had a tool that provided you with all the information you need when you have your fist cup of coffee in the morning. The breakfast figures delivered by include ad hoc reports and early-bird analytics and can be sent to your tablet or smartphone so you never miss an essential piece of information. You save time, can adjust your campaigns and processes immediately as needed and can plan your actions for the next days effectively.


Get to know your customers even better

Imagine …

… you could use the insights gained from your data to better understand your customers’ needs and predict their wishes. With targeted measures helps you increase customer satisfaction, strengthen your customer relationships and tap cross-selling potential.


Individualized display of your data

Imagine …

… you had specific figures relating to your new campaign or your franchises in one state at hand at all times. With you can configure your dashboard to meet your requirements and have an updated overview of key content whenever you need it.

Versatile functions (excerpt)

  • Standardized data platform
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Updated in real time thanks to Power BI
  • Automated data import processes
  • Analytics and reporting tools

All data, one click

All the information originating in diverse departments and divisions is merged with data from relevant external sources in This allows to identify connections and view your business processes in a comprehensive context at all times.

Tobias Helm, Product Manager

„Data is like a raw diamond. Processed and interpreted correctly, it delivers valuable insights into potential optimization, future trends and customers’ needs. helps improve the basis for your daily decision-making and manage company processes, campaigns and projects more purposefully.“

Combine with

Intelligently connected modules that enhance the efficiency of your ERP processes

Are you looking to compile your business and process data on one uniform platform and to use it for analyses that provide you with substantiated insights? Remember to include your social media marketing data! Via preconfigured interfaces, you can connect to the module easily and import the information into your analysis seamlessly. In this way, you can leverage the synergies between your diverse business divisions and align your campaigns directly with your customers’ requirements.


A flexible cloud solution that meets your needs

Imagine …

… your software had to handle load peaks during your Christmas business. With elastic capacities to complement resources, the cloud solution is perfectly suited to master the challenge. In addition, you enjoy the other advantages of cloud, for example, unlimited access to your data anywhere you are and with any device.

Leverage the advantages of the retail solution

  • Modular software that can be connected quickly with ERP, CRM, intranet, PIM and other tools via preconfigured interfaces
  • Forecasts of developments and trends
  • A 360° view of all your company’s relevant information from customer-related and company data to company-wide sources such as cancellations, complaints, and customer satisfaction rates

The Modular Retail Platform for Scalable Digitization

xReach is a modular software platform that dovetails ERP, CRM, analytics, intranet, PIM, e-commerce and other modules for your retail business intelligently.

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