Take your collaboration to a new level

Collaboration is the future of retailing? While collaboration is not a new topic in the retail business, it certainly is undergoing changes as optimized processes for sharing information, coordinating projects, and approvals are becoming increasingly important.

Efficient collaboration among team members with only a few clicks

The xReach.collaboration software module helps your staff members coordinate work steps easily and seamlessly, manage file versions, and structure shared processes – regardless of their locations or working hours. Based on Microsoft SharePoint Online and Azure web services, the solution can be scaled flexibly to accommodate diverse requirements and team sizes. All you need is a SharePoint standard CAL.


Dedicated team and project rooms

Enhance your project management and collect the contact information for all project team members as well as deadlines, minutes of meetings and other documents centrally in one dedicated team or project room which you can create with just one click using standardized templates. In this room, all the team members can see the status of the entire project or of individual steps at any time. A Wiki delivers important background knowledge.


Reliable rights management

Allocate individualized rights to staff members in diverse positions, to customers and suppliers to coordinate with colleagues and external partners at any time and hide confidential content. As a result, you minimize the flood of e-mail substantially.


Consistent workflows

Incorporate workflows into templates and documents to structure processes and authorization procedures, for example, to synchronize approvals granted by executives automatically in the respective project room. In addition you benefit from active distribution of news and tasks. Templates for the PRINCE2 project management method or the Sure Step implementation method have been incorporated already. Of course you also can map individual processes.

Versatile functions (excerpt)

  • To-do-lists
  • Electronic forms
  • Workflows
  • Documents tasks
  • Team and project rooms
  • Rights management
  • Lifecycle management
  • Approval and authorization
  • Processes data aggregation

André Kramer, Product Manager

„Use xReach.collaboration to activate or deactivate templates on demand, adjust the look and feel to your corporate design, incorporate a central approval entity, and save lifecycle settings for deleting and archiving portals. xReach.collaboration takes collaboration in your company to a whole new level.“ 

Combine xReach.collaboration with xReach.intranet!

Intelligently connected system modules for successful collaboration

Editing documents together, running through workflows as a team, ensuring all colleagues have updated information at all times – the xReach.collaboration software module enables your staff members to coordinate work steps quickly and easily regardless of whether they work at the same location or have the same work hours.

Did you know that thanks to its core element, xReach.connect, xReach.collaboration can be integrated seamlessly into the xReach.intranet module so you can optimize the flow of knowledge in your company?


Leverage the advantages of the xReach.collaboration retail solution

  • Efficient teamwork and thus increased potential of innovation
  • Modular compilation of the functions you need
  • Seamless integration of partners and suppliers into the workflow

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