The entire product lifecycle in one single system

Planning your collection framework, managing samples and customers – the road from the initial idea to the sold product is long. The xReach.pim software module is an individually configurable database- and web-based solution and a com­pre­hen­sive product information management system that supports users over the course of product development, from the first drafts to the finished goods.

Merge planning and process information

The platform also allows you to contact customers purposefully and manage your measures for efficient omni-channel marketing. Complementing your ERP system which tends to be more management process oriented, the PIM system is the basis for your communications with consumers. Planning, process and project information can be merged and users can keep track of all content including product master data, media, product and communication data at all times to share it with colleagues and/or external partners around the world. Completed steps can be traced and reproduced in detail. xReach.pim based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a project developed jointly by Hitachi Solutions, software integrator for Microsoft technologies, and apollon, specialist for modern omni-channel marketing media IT.


Consistent data management

xReach.pim displays the entire value chain for each of your products. Benefit from centralized management of all your media, product and communication data and provide your colleagues, external partners and suppliers with access to the information they need.


Transparent and reproducible

Benefit from clear structures to know the current status of your development activities and previous interim data at all times. Use the integrated asset usage history and the non-destructive cropping function to reproduce every work steps seamlessly at any time and adjust them as needed.



xReach.pim helps you manage and update marketing information, product details and other data centrally with minimum effort. Thanks to software-based optimization and clear structuring of your activities, you can design your product development activities efficiently and save time and money.

Versatile functions (excerpt)

  • Multiple languages
  • Compatibility
  • Efficitent search options
  • Usability
  • High quality
  • Efficiency
  • Flexible management
  • Seamless reproducibility
  • Clear structures
  • Lossless work

Tobias Helm, Product Manager

„With xReach.pim you can keep track of all content including product master data, media, article and com­mu­ni­cation data at all times and share this information with colleagues and external partners around the world. All steps you have completed can be traced in detail and reproduced.“

Combine xReach.pim with xReach.pos!

Intelligently connected modules for consistent shopping experiences

Connect your xReach.pim-based database with the xReach.pos cash register system to enhance your customers‘ retail shopping experiences. At any time, you have all the information you need to gain your customers‘ trust through personalized services.


Leverage the advantages of the xReach.pim retail solution

  • Centralized administration for your product information
  • Straightforward expense management for diverse marketing and sales channels
  • Centralized data storage for your omni-channel marketing

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