More than a cash register system: xReach.pos helps you create a memorable customer journey

Fast and competent customer service at the point of sale (PoS) is an essential element of success in stationary retail. To ensure smooth processes and perfect shopping experiences for your customers, you need a high-performance cash register system. xReach.pos allows you to integrate any cash register system into your business processes. 

Based on Microsoft’s Modern POS (MPOS) solution, xReach.pos connects your store with your ERP. From Click&Collect to items returned at the store and availability inquiries sent to nearby stores, xReach.pos helps you build the foundation for successful omni-channel sales.


Flexible at all times

Imagine …

… you could give your customers the opportunity to order products online on their way to work, try them on at your store after work, and make partials payment directly on site. With xReach.pos, you enable your customers to balance their time flexibly and pick up the merchandise when it suits them best. Products can be returned at the store at any time.


The customer is king

Imagine …

… you could integrate loyalty programs directly into your ERP system to let your customers know how much you appreciate their business both at the store and online.

Versatile functions (excerpt)

  • Data synchronization at configurable intervals
  • Setup of a Retail Store Scale Unit (RSSU)
  • Shared database
  • Online and offline modes
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Prolonged shelves thanks to product information beyond the store inventory
  • Evaluations directly at check-out
  • Click&Collect
  • Redistribution among stores
  • Re-orders via the cash register system
  • Information on product availability in nearby stores
  • Partial payment at the store

Tobias Helm, Product Manager

„The cash register system is the heart of your store. From payment to inventory or customer data and customer retention programs, with xReach.pos you connect online with offline and create memorable a customer journey at your PoS!“

Combine xReach.pos with xReach.pim!

Intelligently connected modules for efficient payment processes at your franchises

Customers value competent consulting from the staff at your franchises. Connect xReach.pos with the xReach.pim module to provide your customer service employees with all the product information they need. Your customers will appreciate your special consulting skills.


Leverage the advantages of the xReach.pos retail solution

  • Full cross-channel integration
  • A mobile solution optimized for touch applications
  • Easy and centralized administration

The Modular Retail Platform for Scalable Digitization

xReach is a modular software platform that dovetails ERP, CRM, analytics, intranet, PIM, e-commerce and other modules for your retail business intelligently.

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