The ERP solution tailored to the processes of the garment industry

Rapidly changing collections, demand for diverse sizes and colors, and a high rate of returns are special challenges facing the fashion industry. Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, the scalable industry solution xReach.fashion developed by digitization specialist Hitachi Solutions of Nuremberg and Dutch software expert K3 is a smart ERP tool that helps businesses master these challenges. xReach.fashion includes functions for retailers and wholesalers and provides an up-to-date overview of product creation, the entire value chain, and inventory and price management at all times.

Centrally stored data for efficient processes

Centrally bundled data provides a valid basis for sound decision-making and facilitates efficient processes and optimal control of industry-specific processes. xReach.fashion, the flexible out-of-the-box solution for the fashion and textile industry, can be integrated quickly and seamlessly into your ERP system without requiring any time-consuming and costly back-end con­fi­gu­ration and enables you to optimize your revenues within a short space of time.



Tailor-made order management

Imagine …

… you had a transparent view of all the orders placed in your online shop and the demand of your franchises. Tailored to meet the requirements of the garment industry, xReach.fashion logs all goods received, pending orders, shortage and surplus in real time on one central platform. This allows you to respond quickly and purposefully to individual customers’ needs, for example, with regard to delivery terms and/or packaging. In addition, xReach.fashion supports all your sales situations in diverse channels such as pre-sales, direct sales, or shipment.


Omni-channel planning for #OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

Imagine …

… you could tear down the boundaries between your sales channels. With xReach.fashion, the omni-channel solution for the garment industry that is embedded into your ERP system without the need for interfaces, you can manage your inventory, prices and communication activities centrally across channels and keep track of your business data in real time. Use the comprehensive database to plan your upcoming collections. In addition, you can offer content, for example, for apps, e-commerce, m-commerce or API.


Turn non-sellers into top sellers with the right season management

Use the xReach.fashion ERP solution to plan your collections and manage the availability of products and models as well as open-to-buy information before and during seasons. The solution enables you to match the number of ordered goods with the number of sold products at any time and coordinate discounts and promotions over the course of each product’s lifecycle. In addition, you can compare current and historic sales figures and other KPIs and thus assess the current situation correctly at all times. Continuous control of your order and sales figures helps minimize risk and increase efficiency.

Versatile functions (excerpt)

  • Customer and supplier management
  • Mapping of the entire value chain
  • Inventory and price management
  • Evaluation of data
  • Season and order management
  • Collection planning
  • Product design
  • Omni-channel retailing
  • Process management
  • Product data management
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Access rights management

Tobias Helm, Product Manager

„Be it delicate lace or robust denim, fashion essentials or glamourous looks, garment production, retail or wholesale, or restocking inventories – every step along the value chain is important. And all the players in the industry share their love for fashion. This is where Hitachi Solutions and K3 come in – with smart software that maps and supports all the steps in and special features of the fashion industry perfectly.“

Combine xReach.fashion with xReach.webshop!

Intelligently connected modules for efficient processes in the fashion industry

From collection planning directly to the online shop: Via preconfigured interfaces, xReach.fashion can be dovetailed with xReach.webshop at the push of a button and, thus, connect your product development and sales departments. In addition, you can align the individual steps and processes with each other in a targeted manner and leverage the synergies of each of your departments.


Porduct data management and product lifecycle management for stylish results

Imagine …

… you had clearly structured process management tools that enabled you to coordinate all the steps – from product development to sold products – and link these processes with your other business processes. Thanks to the Adobe Illustrator integrated into xReach.fashion, you can design your products directly in the tool. Comprehensive product data management ensures access to all product information, costs and margin optimization at all times.


Leverage the advantages of the xReach.fashion retail solution

  • Versatile, modular and straightforward software for all the area of fashion handling
  • Diverse functions including order management, collection planning, delivery chain planning, inventory management and support for multi-channel sales
  • Smart tools for speedy product development and positioning your company at the lead of this ever-changing industry

The Modular Retail Platform for Scalable Digitization

xReach is a modular software platform that dovetails ERP, CRM, analytics, intranet, PIM, e-commerce and other modules for your retail business intelligently.

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