The app for effective task management in retailing

Be it repeat orders, label printouts, or trans­por­tation assignments, staff members in your stores not only have to provide customer service, they also have to manage the merchandise. xReach.mde is a platform-independent application that allows your staff members to carry out these tasks at your stores using a mobile device. The app includes special functions tailored to meet the needs of the retail sector such as stock counts as well as warehousing functions such as management of incoming goods. The user interface has been designed to facilitate access from all common mobile devices.


State-of-the-art store management

Imagine …

… the staff members at your stores had the means to place orders, initiate the inventory process and/or manage incoming and outgoing goods quickly and easily via an app. With xReach.mde, they have more time for the important tasks – customer care and consulting services.


Leverage synergies

Imagine …

… your staff members had the option to verify inventories of nearby stores before sending an order to your headquarters. xReach.mde reduces your transportation routes, saving you time and money.

Versatile functions (excerpt)

  • Incoming goods managements
  • Goods-related inquiries
  • Orders and transportation assignments
  • Inventorying
  • Label printing
  • Stock counting
  • Order confirmations
  • Stock checks
  • Item management

Tobias Helm, Product Manager

„From apparel and toiletries to electronic devices, xReach.mde can be employed wherever data must be collected, processed and/or booked using mobile devices. Our platform-independent app makes your staff members mobile for stationary retail right on site!“

Combine xReach.mde with xReach.erp!

Intelligently connected modules for efficient processes at your franchise

Enhance the coordination of the processes at your franchises by connecting xReach.mde with the xReach.erp module. Incoming and outgoing goods and other processes of the individual stores are imported directly into your ERP system and managed centrally. This gives your back-office and your franchises the opportunity to close ranks.


Smart functions for optimal franchise organization


Leverage the advantages of the xReach.collaboration retail solution

  • A platform-independent app optimally tailored to meet retailers’ needs
  • Versatile functions including repeat orders, stock counts, label printouts or transportation assignments
  • Full transparency across franchises

The Modular Retail Platform for Scalable Digitization

xReach is a modular software platform that dovetails ERP, CRM, analytics, intranet, PIM, e-commerce and other modules for your retail business intelligently.

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