Omni-channel business made easy: increase your reach and stimulate your stores

To be able to cater to diverse target groups in several sales channels simultaneously, integrating an online shop is not enough in most cases. To improve customer retention and reduce manual work steps, your e-commerce strategy should be embedded into an end-to-end e-business. The key to a successful omni-channel business including increased sales and brand heat is an e-commerce-solution integrated into your ERP system. xReach.webshop is an out-of-the-box solution that delivers a web shop fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. Thanks to plug-ins, as an omni-channel merchant you can extend this smart software solution quickly and easily to meet your business requirements and create the experiences your customers are looking for.

Shop systems for successful e-commerce

Thomas Philipps, Scaya, KIND Hörgeräte and BWBM are using the xReach.webshop module for their omni-channel business. In addition to a speedy connection to the CMS or PIM system, the xReach.webshop shop system has more than 200 payment options integrated by default and thanks to Microsoft Azure’s cognitive services includes a recommen­dation engine and an image search function.


The Cloud First strategy – leverage the cloud for your e-commerce business

Imagine …

… you had convenient access to all your information and at the same time all your departments and your online shop had real-time data to work with. With the Cloud First strategy, one central data repository is all you need. This ensures demonstrably more flexibility and speed for your omni-channel business. Moreover, the resources required for your operations can be provided flexibly and at a low price. Security is safeguarded through regular scans and compliance with the high security standards of the Microsoft Azure cloud.


Artificial intelligence in e-commerce

Imagine …

… you could make statements today regarding the development of prices several weeks down the road. You would have a major advantage in the highly competitive e-commerce business. This is where xReach.webshop comes in when you integrate the Microsoft Azure cloud: As part of the cognitive services, the Azure AI software combs through samples and trends in large amounts of data quickly and can thus be used to make forecasts. Typical examples include recommendation systems as used by Amazon. In addition, Azure’s cognitive services include an image search function.


Enhance your e-commerce with a smart CMS

In addition to its own content management system, the web shop can be integrated with Episerver’s CMS system to create unique customer experiences. In this way, commerce and content are combined in one and the same platform and your marketing staff can create, manage and publish shopping experiences across all the channels – your start to bankable campaigns.


PIM for high-performing omni-channel marketing

Imagine …

… you had access to a central control panel that managed, provided and enhanced your e-commerce product data conclusively. The product information management system, or PIM, ensures more thrust for your business. The key is high-quality data: The PIM system bundles product features and benefits, text, and image information, synchronizes it and makes it available across locations, departments and sales channels. This is how a PIM system simplifies your data management.

Versatile functions (excerpt)

  • One-stop solution: for B2B and B2C
  • Individualization: target-group-specific actions, franchise-specific prices or regional product ranges
  • SEO: integrated SEO tools so the pages can be found more easily in search engines
  • Global solution: multiple shops, languages and currencies
  • Mobile design: every mobile device supported, 100% responsive
  • Omni-channel: access from the web, mobile and store via Dynamics 365
  • CMS: integrated Episerver-based content management system
  • PIM: integrated product information management system for a successful e-business strategy
  • Data maintenance: flexible address validation and auto-fill function via bidirectional interfaces
  • Data protection: Microsoft’s secure cloud technology hosted in Germany
  • Product and franchise finder: takes your customers safely to the desired locations
  • Click-and-Collect: for the optimal connection between stores and online shops

Tobias Helm, Product Manager

„xReach.webshop is the ideal tool for your end-to-end omni-channel business because it goes beyond the standard functions of other e-commerce solutions. Because it can be integrated with Microsoft’s cognitive services or the Episerver CMS system, xReach.webshop enables you to respond quickly to developments in the market and at the same time offer your customers unique shopping experiences and reduce the cost of implementation.“

Combine xReach.webshop with xReach.payment!

Intelligently connected modules that enhance the efficiency of your e-commerce processes

The success of your e-commerce hinges on more than just a modern online shop with user-friendly filter functions and engaging product descriptions. Customers also expect convenient payment processes. Connect xReach.webshop with xReach.payment to offer your customers attractive online shopping experiences and generate incentives to return to your shop.


Leverage the advantages of the xReach.webshop retail solution

  • Speedy time-to-market thanks to the fast implementation of your e-commerce system so you can employ your omni-channel approach and increase your sales even faster
  • A partner system full of state-of-the-art solutions for your business
  • Modular design that prepares you for any trend

The Modular Retail Platform for Scalable Digitization

xReach is a modular software platform that dovetails ERP, CRM, analytics, intranet, PIM, e-commerce and other modules for your retail business intelligently.

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